Nursery Overhaul

Current status: Planning stages.

The more time I spend in my son’s nursery, staring at the brown walls, wooden rocking chair, brown carpet, grey curtains, and black furniture… the more I think this place needs some color! The only color I’ve ever really added to the nursery was that yellow throw blanket I crocheted, and a white crib sheet with colored polka dots. Everything else is… neutral.



See? Lots of neutral.

That blanket is about 5 feet long and 5 feet wide. It took 3 skeins of yarn to complete! I still need to add some kind of cute edge to it, but that’s pretty low on my priority list, considering Sam hates blankets. [Seriously, is this child mine? Doesn’t he know that mommy’s absolute comfiest state is bundled up on the couch with 3 blankets and a million pillows? This kid is MISSING OUT on my blanket collection]

I’ve really wanted to add a lot more color, to tone down the brown. At least one accent wall, a really bright accent table, and some high contrast linens. Pinterest has been my happy place lately. So has IKEA. And Target. Of course, I don’t actually trust myself to go browse in a store, so I’ve used all of my restraint to keep my browsing and fantasizing to the internet. The ferocity of which I’ve been fantasizing about what I could do to this nursery has not been seen since I was pregnant. Seriously, I’m in full-on nesting mode right now… and my son was born 17 months ago. By the way, I swear I’m NOT pregnant.

I originally planned a space nursery, but never got around to painting the room. The only “space” elements are a wooden rocket ship decoration, a moon and stars mobile I hand-made, and a quilt [which isn’t even on display at the moment] that my grandmother made me when I was a child, which is blue and white with some really cute space fabric.

mobileHowever, I’m not committed to the space theme anymore, since I never did any kind of a mural on the wall. My original theme was going to be geometric/shapes, but I came across that rocket ship on Etsy, and changed my mind. Now I’m back in love with the shapes and colors.

I want to paint a multi-colored geometric accent wall. But that requires settling on a design!

geometric wallpaper geometric-wall geometric-wall-2 geometric-wall-3

So far, I’m leaning on photo #2, but I think I wouldn’t fill up the entire wall with triangles… I think I’d just do some abstract chunks of triangles along the wall, perhaps crossing over the corner to another wall and the ceiling.

Here’s some design inspiration:


1) SILLERUP rug, IKEA. $129
2) Peacock blue paint for the ugly end table makeover.
3) Microsuede chair cushion in Emerald, Overstock. $35
4) VÅRGYLLEN pillow, IKEA. $5
5) Geometric accent wall.

Other projects:
– Paint rocking chair black
– Do something about the really plain blackout curtains that take up a large chunk of the wall

I’ve been falling out of love with the blackout curtains we have, since they’re just a flat grey color. They make this giant blank square on the wall, and it makes the room feel… super plain. I think I’ll end up making some kind of vibrant patterned curtains to go over that wall, since it will not be part of the mural. It should help pull the room together a little bit. Maybe something like this!

curtainsI’m also working on another crochet blanket, probably about the same size (or maybe even bigger, but the stitches are tighter so it doesn’t stretch as much), and it’s a minty color. I’m in love with it! But I’m still only about 75% done with it… and I haven’t touched it in weeks.