An Ugly Table… With Potential

While going out for a run with my friend Tonja, and we found this table out at the curb with a bunch of other renovation junk like an old sink and some countertops. It’s round, with two levels, maybe 30 inches wide. It’s been pretty beat up, but it looks fairly sturdy. The wood just needs some resurfacing, those holes need to be re-filled, and a fresh coat of paint, and it’ll be good as new, I’m sure.


The top appears to have evenly spaced holes where perhaps some dowels stuck out to make a border around the top of the table? Perhaps so a lamp or a vase wouldn’t fall off if it got bumped. Someone ripped them out and did a sloppy job filling the holes. In the picture below, you can also see where the varnish has split open on the top. I’m willing to bet it’s from water damage. The second shelf is in perfect condition, just a bit dusty.


The top surface of the table is also splitting and cracking. It’ll need to be sanded. I haven’t decided yet if I’d like to stain it or just paint over it with a solid color. I’ve begun some light sanding by hand, and the wood underneath is surprisingly light colored… I’m guessing it’s birch, but to be honest, I’ve got no idea. It means if I want to go all the way with the sanding and resurfacing around the entire table, I could probably put a cute light grey stain on it.

We’ve had this table sitting in our living room for a few weeks. I think when it’s done, it’s going to go up in the nursery, and the second shelves are going to hold books. I’ve meant to hang some book shelves on the wall since before Sam was even born, however I have this phobia with putting holes in the walls unless I’m absolutely certain about wanting something to be there permanently. So, a table is a perfect option for book storage until I’ve committed to the nursery design.

The nursery is eventually going to get a makeover as well {but that’ll be an entire project in itself}

I’m currently debating on adding some kind of a black and white pattern to the shelves between the first and second tiers. The shape of it might make it difficult to trim peel-and-stick wallpaper to be flush with the curved edges. But this picture from spoonflower is EXACTLY the kind of thing I’m going for. High contrast to offset the beige walls – a bright color, with some kind of black and white patterned wallpaper to add some interest to the 4 vertical shelves.


Stay tuned for updates on this project! I can already tell it’s going to be an adventure.


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